Getting out is getting in.

Place matters.

Leav is a mobile platform for placing, viewing, and sharing digital art that is both shaped by and linked to specific variables like location, time, and other environmental factors.

In a digital world where location is all but forgotten, Leav accentuates the power of place. Artists design their work with custom parameters to create an experience inseparable from your surroundings--an experience as real as any other, and one that can't be duplicated.

Leav for iPhone is available for free in the App Store.

How it works.

Featured Work.

Bryce Dessner

Music For Wood & Strings - Bryce Dessner

Leav has partnered with Bryce Dessner to create an interactive experience that allows audiences to discover Dessner's Music for Wood and Strings in a way otherwise impossible. Wander with your iPhone to reveal the composer's intricate counterpoints, striking rhythms, and vibrant harmonies as a creative participant in your listening experience.

This work has appeared in Loring Park, Minneapolis in collaboration with the SPCO's Liquid Music Series, the 2015 Eaux Claires Music Festival in Eau Claire, WI, and the Sounds For a Safe Harbour Festival in Cork, Ireland.

Michael Perry

Eaux Claires Narrations - Michael Perry

Acclaimed author, and Eaux Claires festival narrator, Michael Perry worked with Leav to create a series of eight short audio narrations only available in various locations throughout the festival grounds. The narrations introduced festival goers to the history of the Chippewa River, kept them company as they traversed a forest pathway, and highlighted the festival experience in a unique and engaging way.

Eric William Carroll

Golden Hour - Eric William Carroll

The Golden Hour is the 60-or-so minutes that buffer sunrise and sundown, bathing everything in a dramatic golden light. As an ode to this beautiful light, Eric William Carroll has created a series of short films of himself walking through urban landscapes while carrying a projection screen during various golden hours.

Eric William Carroll's work lies at the intersection of photography, science, and nature.


Undertow - Revolver

Undertow is a project with Revolver, a Twin Cities literary arts organization. They asked 7 local writers to produce writing for and about their neighborhoods, available exclusively through Leav, in the location where they're meant to be heard. Features work by Sarah Fox, Renoir Gaither, Maya Beck, Chris Martin, Rain Taxi editor Eric Lorberer, and 2014 National Book Award finalist Matt Rasmussen.

Skyway Sessions

Skyway Sessions - TPT Rewire

Skyway Sessions, created in partnership with PBS Digital Studios and TPT Rewire, is a series of pop up concerts in St. Paul's downtown Skyway and a web-only series. Exclusive videos from Musicians Black Diet, Chris Koza, and Farewell, Milwaukee were then made available only in the skyway locations where the performances originally took place.

Kate Casanova

A Natural History of Chimneys - Kate Casanova

A Natural History of Chimneys is an artwork commissioned by Leav that locates active Chimney Swift roosts. By going to the chimneys at sunset, viewers witness the ritual of the birds descending into their chimney for the night and are given access to a video and audio collage by artist Kate Casanova.

Stuart Pimsler Dance Theater

Fancy Folk - Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater

Fancy Folk is a witty snapshot framing the behavior of three, privileged individuals. The performers are placed in a confined, public setting as they consider the self-importance of their own lives. This site specific video work featuring the artists of Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater is available in two parts, one on Minneapolis' Stone Arch Bridge and the second at the Cedar-Riverside Lightrail station.

Holly Hansen

The Weight of Church Bells - Holly Hansen

In The Weight of Church Bells, Holly Hansen (front-woman for Zoo Animal), takes us on a mindful sonic and picturesque tour of a handful of churches in the Minneapolis area. Her contemplative dialogue, concluded with thematic song, encourages us to examine how we interact with common thought and why.

Grant Cutler

Summer in America - Grant Cutler

Summer In America is a six-part original poem and musical composition set to video. In this work, Cutler layers evocative imagery over spoken word poetry and early sampled sounds to emblemize a shared moment in time. The result is an exploration of technological fossils, childhood memory, and youthful sentimentality.